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    1. 90-SECOND DEVOTIONS                                   $10.00
      In our jam-packed schedules, we we often miss the important things God wants to teach us.  Tandy Balson looks at the ordinary, everyday things of life and shows us a deeper meaning - all in ninety seconds.  Start your day with this book and you'll find a small investment of time pays big dividends.

    2. INSPIRATIONS FROM THE EVERYDAY              $12.00
      Everyone will find something to inspire, encourage or give food for thought as they read the short stories in Inspirations from the Everyday.  Tandy has shared insights into her faith gleaned from everyday moments.  Her writing has been referred to as a cross between 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' and a devotional.  Although each story is designed to be quick, light read, her words contain a depth of observation that will keep readers thinking long after they have closed the cover of the book. 

    3. ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE                                    $12.00
      The folksy, relatable, and wise stories in Another Perspective allow you take a closer look at everyday life and discover the miracles to be found there.

      Finding Inspiration in Everyday Things     

      In this follow-up to Inspirations From The Everyday, Tandy Balson continues to take everyday things and present then through eyes that see a greater meaning. 
      Dragonflies, Snowdrifts and Spice Cake is a wonderfully positive and insightful collection. The author takes the most mundane, everyday object or event and recognizes a greater significance, drawing parallels and making connections that most people would never notice.

    5. CHRISTMAS WITH HOT APPLE CIDER:             $18.00
      Stories from the Season of Giving and Receiving
      The Perfect Gift For Mom, Pg. 92 
      Short stories from a variety of authors.