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Our Staff

Dr. John Harrison

Pastor John grew up in Saskatchewan in a small town just northeast of Regina. After graduation he started studies in electronic engineering but felt called into church ministry. He received his Bachelors of Religious Education through Canadian Bible College in Regina (now Ambrose in Calgary); his Masters of Arts in Theological Studies at Prairie Graduate School in Calgary; and his Doctor of Ministry in Church Leadership: Organizational Systems at Bethel University Seminary in St. Paul, MN and was awarded the “Dissertation of Distinction.” He has written a commentary on Revelation, two books on prayer, several faith articles in a local paper, and founded Disciples Matter (www.disciplesmatter.com).

Pastor John has served as a pastor in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba for over 25 years in a variety of roles: youth pastor, associate pastor, executive pastor, and lead pastor. Having served in all three prairie provinces, he sometimes refers to himself as the “Prairie Pastor.” On September 1, 2019, Pastor John began his ministry at Grace in Airdrie. He and his family love the church, community, and surrounding area that they are now part of.

He has been married to his beautiful, energetic, humorous, and creative wife Marcy since 1995. Together they have three children—two daughters living in Vancouver, BC, and one son who is in grade 11. He loves to collect books and coins, go to the symphony and sports games with his wife, travel and see new things, play the saxophone, kayak, bike, play racket sports, and spend time reading and writing. 

Shane Dell

Shane is originally from Manitoba but has resided in Alberta since 1989. Coming from a farming family, Shane loves seeing the canola and wheat fields with a mountain and blue sky backdrop.

After high school, Shane went to college and received a Power Engineering certificate. A few years later, Shane went to Peace River Bible Institute where he received a Bachelor of Religious Education in Pastoral Studies with a Youth minor. For the last 12 years, Shane has been engaged in youth and young adult ministry serving as a Youth & Young Adults Pastor and as the Dean of Men and Dean of Students at Peace River Bible Institute. Recently, Shane has graduated from Ambrose Seminary with a Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry and currently serves as an adjunct faculty at Peace River Bible Institute teaching a variety of youth ministry courses.

Shane and his wife, Danni, met at Bible school and were married in 2008. They have three children, Jack, Raemie, and Lara. Shane enjoys being creative with his bbq and smoker, fishing, losing golf balls, writing, and cheering on his Dodgers.

Debbie Contos


Debbie Contos has been attending Grace for over 12 years. In that time, she has been a children’s and youth ministry volunteer and a former AWANA Commander.

Debbie is excited to be Co-Director of Children's Ministries. The opportunity to share the love of Christ and teaching children/youth that God’s word is truth is something she is passionate about.

Debbie is a homeschool mom and has been married to Peter since 1988 and together they have been blessed with seven children. 

Debbie DeVries


debDeb DeVries is married to Terry since 1990 and they have two grown daughters. She is also, a grandma to a little girl. Deb has been a dedicated volunteer in Children’s Ministry for several years at Grace Airdrie, and assists with Grace Women Tuesday Breakfasts.  Before this, she volunteered with children ministries at her previous home church before moving to Airdrie. Deb volunteers at Airdrie Food Bank.

She has a degree in Preschool education and has completed several courses relating to childhood development. 

Deb has a desire to share the love of the Lord and His truths in a meaningful and creative way with, not only the children of Grace Airdrie, but to others around her.  

Connor Bayduza


Connor Bayduza is a recent 2020 English graduate of Ambrose University, however, he couldn’t get enough of school, so he is back at it again pursuing a teaching degree at Ambrose. 

Connor recently got married to his lovely wife Dana; together, they love to serve the Lord by providing hospitality and peace to others. 

Connor has a passion for camp ministry and was the program director at Whispering Pines Bible Camp for the 2019 summer season. 

Extroverted and eclectic, Connor is a pastors kid and has moved over 10 times; he has had the privilege of being involved in various ministries and jobs (seniors, children, youth, disability services, camp, worship, etc.). Because of this, he has picked up a number of quirks along the way. From puppetry, to unicycling, to public speaking, to singing and playing guitar, to running and implementing programs, Connor is not afraid to try new things and learn new skills.

His life missionary motto Is: “Where you lead me I will follow, what you feed me I will swallow.”

James Damocles


James Damocles is an Ambrose University graduate with a degree in Behavioral Science and is currently working on his second degree, this one in education. 

He is an artist through and through and is passionate about music and the theatre. He has spent most of his life as part of the worship ministry for whatever church and school he attended and continues to serve as a worship leader at Grace. He loves to make music and worship God with others and enjoys mentoring younger worship musicians and leaders.

He has served at numerous organizations around his hometown of Calgary such as Ambrose University, Capstone Church, and Foothills Alliance Church, to name a few. He's always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Although he is a huge introvert, he has a passion for people. He's always up for a good coffee or a good meal. He firmly believes that one of the best ways that people can grow closer together is to eat and drink together. He's not the quirkiest fellow, but does have some choice interests such as arts, education, video & tabletop games, and fashion. 

James's life motto comes from his favorite playwright, Neil Labute. "Enjoy the journey and don't forget to look up from time to time, the scenery is beautiful and your fellow travellers are pretty interesting." 

Wendy Anderson

Wendy joined our team as Office Manager in January 2018. Wendy graduated from Prairie Bible College in 1997 with AARS: Bible & Missions. Wendy completed her Office Administration Certificate in 1998 from Olds College, and Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation in 2017. She has extensive ministry background, including serving in churches, youth ministries, and 9  years in Croatia as a missionary. She loves to travel, sports (ie. canoeing, soccer, volleyball, handball, hockey, etc.) & her two dogs.

Wendy is married to Todd.   

CUSTODIAN (Contract Worker)  mary
Mary Rempel

Mary Rempel is  Grace Baptist Church's Custodian, and helps out wherever she can .  Her past involvements have been with the nursery & toddler rooms, and has done some catering.  Mary has also volunteered for 6 years in the kitchen doing cooking & baking for Manna House at Airdrie Alliance Church. She home schooled her children, has taught Sunday School for 10 years at a former church, and has done 18 year of market gardening of vegetables and flowers.  Mary enjoys quilting, knitting, crocheting, and sewing.   Mary is also the +50 Group Coordinator at Grace Airdrie Church.