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Grace Small Groups

Though sometimes we can give such an impression, Church does not center around a building, or around preacher, or around a strategy… Church is people centering around Christ. We believe the Church is about the coming together of people through the person of Jesus Christ and work of His Holy Spirit in people’s lives.  Consequentially, we cannot expect to truly CONNECT in Church by just showing up on Sunday or even by doing something to help out.  We CONNECT in Church when we are in real relationship with others who are looking to Jesus for their life. 

So we invite you to join a  GRACE SMALL GROUP.  This is a group of 10-12 people who meet together at least once a week with the purpose of growing together in their walk with Christ. 

INVEST in others through support and accountability and be INVESTED in. 

GROW with one another in your faith, understanding of the Bible, and relationship with God and His Church. 

PRAY in community with others taking everything before the ONE who is able to do more in us than we can ask or imagine. 

SERVE in the community of Airdrie working together with your Grace Group to bring the Hope of Jesus Christ to those around you. 

STEP UP to a greater understanding of what God is calling you to be and to do as He is revealing His Kingdom to us through each person who makes up His Church.

If you are interested in joining a Grace Small Group, contact the office at 403-948-3821 or via our Connect Me form.