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Shine Kids Classes are on Sundays at 11:00AM Service

Children are a gift from God and through children's ministries at Grace Baptist Church we want to partner with parents in discipling their children.  We desire to show children who God is, what He has done, and model a relationship with Him so that they might serve and follow Him.

Ministry Icons - Plan to ProtectIt is critical in our current culture to do as much as possible to protect our children.  All of our children's ministries operate under Plan To Protect to accomplish this.  This means all our children's volunteers are carefully screened and go through a thorough application process.  This enables us to offer the safest and best quality children's programs possible.

If you have any questions about our Shine Kids programs, please contact
Debbie Contos or Dana Bayduza.


Available for anyone who is unable to attend church in person.


If this will be your first time attending Grace Airdrie Church, this coming Sunday,  please register online your child/ren in advance. Thank you.