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Grace Airdrie is pleased to be a subscriber of RIGHTNOW MEDIA.  This is an online video resource, a "netflix" of bible study and Christian video that's great for everyone of all ages.  We partner with RIGHTNOW MEDIA to further equip families in their faith, to resource our Small Groups, and to train our leaders.  

If you are connected to the Grace Family and would like a FREE account with RIGHTNOW MEDIA, please fill out request form below and you will receive an email within a week to set up your own account.  NOTE: No password is required; you will set up your own password once you receive the invitation from us by email.

**RIGHTNOW MEDIA does not replace worship services or gatherings throughout the week.  Being regularly connected with others who have put their faith in Jesus Christ is essential to our lives in Christ.**

Below are two examples of what you can find on RightNow Media: 

*Denotes Required Field
*Denotes Required Field