About Us Our Mission

Our Mission

"We are here to see people transformed into the image of Christ as they are actively connecting to God, to One Another and to Our Community."


At Grace, our mission is to see God’s transforming power in people’s lives as they experience and live out connection:

  • Connecting with God means a personal, meaningful and significant relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Connecting with One Another means active engagement in relational connection with other believers within the body for encouragement, accountability, spiritual growth, care and ministry – all flowing out of the love that comes from God.
  • Connecting with our Community means building natural relational bridges into our community and loving our neighbors and reaching out to them with the good news about Jesus Christ.


The Bible describes God’s grace as His undeserved and unearned favor. [Eph 2:4-9] God’s grace is demonstrated in His extravagant love for humanity when Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of all people. [Rom 5:12-21] All who believe in Jesus Christ, receive God’s free gift of Grace, eternal life, through Jesus Christ the Lord. [Rom 3:24; John 1:16]

 Grace is fundamentally a relational concept. It can only be experienced within the context of meaningful and significant relationships. For this reason we, as a church, choose to use the active verb “connecting” as the primary term for describing how our church experiences and lives out the Grace of God.