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Our Branding

Grace Airdrie Logo - Horizontal Version

Grace Airdrie Logo - Vertical Version   

Our new logo and branding was introduced in April 2017. Here is what our logo represents:

  • The circles around "GRACE" represent our tag line ... connecting to: 1) God; 2) to One Another; 3) To Our Community.
  • The circles are not perfect circles because life is messy, people are messy, and therefore, church is also messy. We are NOT perfect. You don't want people to ever feel they need to "clean up their act" in order to come to church. You come to church to meet Jesus who will help you become who He wants you to be.
  • Our connecting ends at “AIRDRIE”. Our desire as a church family is to connect to our community and be a place where hope and love can be found. 

Our tag line comes from our Mission Statement: