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  1.  ALL ROADS LEAD TO HOME:                               $20     
     A Poetic Journey from the Emerald Isle to Canada
    Kathleen has discovered something magical in every province of this grand  country, Canada. She sees the beauty in God’s gift to us: the mountains, the valleys, the trees, and the rivers and lakes, which have all inspired her in poetry.



  2.  A HOLLY BRANNIGAN MYSTERY:                  $20
     Donnymead Castle         
    When Holly and her family visit Holly’s grandmother in her cottage on the  ground of Donnymead Castle, Holly is fascinated and manages to talk the  caretaker into giving her a tour. But mysterious activity has been taking place on the castle grounds and Holly will put her sleuthing skills to the test.

  3.   A HOLLY BRANNINGAN MYSTERY:                 $20  
      Scuba Hijinks                 

      Set on the West Coast of Canada in the Lions Bay and Porteau Bay areas, the story follows the adventures of the teens sleuth Holly Brannigan and her friends,  Bonnie Tilson, Paul Castles, and Ted Lumley.  When they team up with Holly’s father, Detective David Brannigan, to catch a gang of rogue scuba divers, Holly and her friends learn to scuba dive in order to pursue the criminals, and they bravely face challenges and dangers throughout the case.

  4.  A HOLLY BRANNINGAN MYSTERY:                   $20
     Garibaldi Mountain        
     Holly Brannigan and her three friends – Paul, Ted, and her best friend, Bonnie- have helped attorney David Branningan on cases in the past, but is the most dangerous mystery yet. A family with three children has disappeared, along with a close friend of the family, while camping in Garidbaldi Provincial Park.

  5.   A HOLLY BRANNINGAN MYSTERY:                 $20       

      Lyndaman Island Manor   
      Holly Branningan and her three teenage friends, Paul, Ted, and her best friend,  Bonnie, find themselves in a dangerous situation when they visit Lyndaman Island Manor at the invitation of multi-billionaire Harvey Fields. They invite eight friends from their scuba diving club to come with them, along Holly’s father a well known detective, to solve a case after strange things begin to happen.

  6.   A HOLLY BRANNIGAN MYSTERY:                   $20
      Mountain Lake Adventures    
    While vacationing at a family reunion in Alberta, Holly Branningan and her three friends, Bonnie, Paul, and Ted find themselves caught up in some local scullduggery.

  7.  PENELOPE HENRY: Country Jamboree              $15
     Country Jamboree will take you on a weekend of fun for the whole family. Join Penelope and her family and friends down on the farm for the rodeo with their country cousins where they’ll watch the horse racing, the chuck wagons, and trick riding!

  8.  PENELOPE HENRY: At The Circus                      $15
     Penelope’s world turns upside-down with the arrival of the circus in her normally quiet village of Green Oaks.  Just in case that’s not exciting enough,  it’s also her ninth birthday! When monkeys escape from the circus and gets into a tangle with one of Penelope’s friends, the circus owner invites them all to see the show – for free.

  9.  PENELOPE HENRY:                                               $13

     Camping At Blueberry Mountain   
     An adventure is afoot in the town of Green Oaks as eight-year-old Penelope Henry gets the best surprise of her summer: a camping trip to beautiful Blueberry Mountain.  The whole family, including her mama, papa, and brother Zinger, pack up their cart and head into the wilderness to relax, meet new lifelong friends, and learn valuable lessons that will forever change them