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Bible Quizzing


TUESDAYS @ 6:30 - 8:30PM

“The mission of quizzing is to see visible evidence of the application of God’s Word in the lifestyle of participants. It accomplishes this by:  a) providing teens with an opportunity to be involved in the systematic study and application of God’s Word;  b) building character, instilling self-discipline, and encouraging prayer and unity; and  c) equipping young people with the capacity to serve in other areas of ministry."  WCD Quizzing

This year we are memorizing from the amazing Book of Acts. This group is made up of competitive and non- competitive quizzers. There is a program fee which will be determined in the fall. 

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  • Competetive Student:  $150 / Student
  • Non- Competetive  Student:  $75 / Student

WAYS TO PAY  (Non-Refundable):

  • Cash, Cheque, Debit:  Church Office
    Please add note on envelop: Bible Quizzing Payment
  • Online Banking:
    - Use Account #986 (not your envelop number)
    -  Add "Airdrie Grace Baptist Church" to your payee list and pay
          just like you pay your bills online (ie. Telus).
    -  We are currently set up with the following banks:
           Credit Unions, CIBC, RBC, Scotia Bank, TD Bank
  • eTRANSFER:  email, Direct Deposit. 
    Please add note: Bible Quizzing Payment
  • PAYPAL:  See below
Bible Quizzing: Competetive Student

Bible Quizzing: Non-Competetive Student